When to Repair and Replace the Air Struts in Your Rolls Royce

When to Repair and Replace the Air Struts in Your Rolls Royce

The air struts are an important part of the whole air suspension system in your car. When they work well, you will notice they have a smooth ride when they are on the road, even when going over bumps or uneven parts of the road. But when the air struts start to struggle and begin to malfunction, you may find that their drive is not as smooth as you have come to expect out of your Rolls Royce.

What are air struts?

The struts are part of the air suspension in your car. They differ from normal coil springs in that they are airbags that are inflated by a compressor. This compressor is constantly adjusted by electronic regulators which are monitoring the vehicle’s height and weight as the car shifts, bounces, and moves over the road.

The position and location of the struts may vary a little bit depending on the type of vehicle. Because the air struts need to handle so much while you are driving, it is not uncommon for them to wear out quickly.

When the struts start to fail, there can be a number of issues. The car may not drive as smoothly on the road as before. Your Rolls Royce may bounce more when you go over bumps or on a rough road and it is not comfortable when you drive. Your car may lean to one side, causing wear on the tires.

What causes the air struts to break?

The air struts may wear down due to normal wear and tear. Your entire air suspension system should be inspected on a regular basis. Your owner’s manual can help you know when to have the system checked. The airbags, the compressor, or the regulators can naturally wear out over time.

Rough driving can be hard on the air struts too. Car drivers who spend a lot of time going fast on rough roads or who live on gravel roads may find their air struts wear out faster than those who drive carefully and spend most of their time driving on smooth surfaces.

Signs the Air Struts are Failing

You should look for common signs if you suspect your air struts are failing. Your Rolls Royce will begin to show certain signs which will alert you to a potential issue. These include:

  • Your Car May Sag: The airbags in the air suspension kit are designed to support the weight of the car and can cushion the drive over road bumps. This provides an even and smooth ride while in the car. When the air struts wear out, they struggle to support the weight of the vehicle, which makes them sink down more. If the airbag or compressor is malfunctioning on one side, your Rolls Royce may sag to one side.
  • The Compressor May Continue to Run: The compressor is a part of the air suspension that ensures the airbags inflate and deflate according to the suspension needs. Once they reach the right air pressure, the compressor needs to stop. If the car owner notices that the compressor continues to run, it is a sign the air struts need servicing.
  • A Bumpier Ride: Without the air struts working properly, the car will start to bounce around more and be harder to control when steering. The air suspension system helps to absorb the energy of the road when you drive. Without the air struts though, the air suspension system can’t do its job, and you will feel every bump on the road.

Paladin Automotive for your Rolls Royce

When you notice any of these signs, Rolls Royce Air Struts Repair it is important to visit one of our trusted mechanics to inspect and diagnose your air struts in your Rolls Royce.

At Paladin Automotive, we are proud to help you repair or replace the air struts in your Rolls Royce when they start having trouble. We are proud to serve the residents of Spring Valley, Summerlin, and Las Vegas, NV with all of their maintenance and repair needs. Contact us today to set up your appointment. We look forward to earning your repeat business.

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