Maserati Issues Caused by Running Out of Fuel

Maserati Issues Caused by Running Out of Fuel

Many Maserati owners have reported that when the fuel gauge/light of their car points to “empty” there is no more gas in the car at all! In other words, Maseratis don’t seem to have a fuel reserve. Although these observations are anecdotal, it is extremely important to pay close attention to your fuel gauge and not push your car to run on “fumes,” as we say. Doing this can cause catastrophic results due to overheating and eventually destroying your engine, the catalytic converter, and the fuel pump.

Engine Damage

The engine of your Maserati needs rich air-mixed fuel so that the cylinders don’t misfire. If the engine does not receive an uninterrupted supply of rich fuel through the fuel pump, you will notice the engine will start to knock. It is the same thing that happens when you use low-quality gasoline. When you use a lower octane fuel than is recommended in your owner’s manual, it can cause the fuel to pre-ignite and the engine will knock.

Engine knocking can lead to severe issues that can permanently damage your engine. For example, the combustion chamber can rupture, which means holes can pop up in the piston or cylinder head as the metal melts due to overheating. This then depressurizes the cylinder, and metal fragments and other debris can enter the oil system.

If you are low on gas, pull over safely, and find a way to refuel. Then bring it in for a check-up.

Catalytic Converter Damage

The catalytic converter in your car is a device that filters the toxic byproducts and pollutants in the exhaust gases and turns them into less toxic gaseous waste, by basically burning it up. This process not only reduces toxic fumes, but it also improves the efficiency of your car’s engine. Obviously this is a vital part of your car.

The catch is that the catalytic converter uses certain precious metals for the chemical process, and these particles cannot combine with pure fuel. Yet, when you run your car on low fuel, because the engine misfires, more fuel gushes into the converter, thereby destroying the component.

If you are low on gas, pull over safely, and find a way to refuel. Then bring it in for a check-up. Did we already say this?

Fuel Pump Damage

The fuel pump is the gadget in your car that delivers the fuel from the fuel tank into the carburetor or fuel injector, where it gets mixed with the intake air. In modern cars, this takes place automatically, and the fuel is moved at a controlled rate for a continuous flow. For the engine to run smoothly, it needs to receive the necessary and steady supply of rich air-mixed fuel. Without a properly functioning fuel, pump that is not achieved, and your engine stops working.

The fuel pump is designed to have a certain amount of fuel pass through it. The fuel keeps the pump lubricated and cooled. If there isn’t enough fuel passing through it, then the pump will simply start drawing in air. The lack of fuel and introduction of air will reduce and eventually stop the lubrication and cooling, causing severe damage to the engine. At the least, you need a quarter tank of gas to keep your fuel pump functioning adequately.

Another dreadful problem that’s caused by low fuel is that all the sediments that have accumulated over time at the bottom of your gas tank will begin to flow into the fuel pump. This gunk and debris will clog up the fuel filter, which will make the fuel pump work harder. That, of course, causes overheating and reduces efficiency, and can also damage sensors, the brushes, and communicators in the pump.

If you are low on gas, pull over safely, and find a way to refuel. Then bring it in for a check-up. We cannot emphasize enough how important this is. It’s worth repeating!

Next Steps

Stuff happens! If you have driven on low Maserati Catalytic Converter Check gas, don’t panic—but please, for the sake of your Maserati, bring it to our service center at Paladin Automotive so that our trained professionals can take a look at it, before irreparable and permanent damage destroys your car. We are conveniently located in Spring Valley, Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV.

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