Known across the world for their superior amenities and driving capabilities, BMWs feature a wide array of models that all provide drivers with a memorable experience no matter how long or short each drive may be. However, BMW’s are also known for their rigorous maintenance schedules and requiring specific services to prevent dips in performance or long-term issues.

Since specialized service is required, drivers often forego independent shops in favor of the dealerships to ensure quality but dealerships often feature:

  • Overpriced services
  • Inexperienced mechanics
  • Incomplete repairs causing repeat visits
  • Slower turnaround times

Instead of letting your BMW suffer unnecessarily, see why Las Vegas drivers prefer Paladin Automotive.

About Our Shop

For years Paladin Automotive has brought dealership quality service to drivers while maintaining an independent shop mentality. We specialize in the service and repair of European brands including all models of BMW like:

  • 3 Series
  • 5 Series
  • 6 Series
  • M3
  • X5

BMWs have sedans, sports cars, coupes and SUVs for drivers with each requiring unique services and our shop has the tools and equipment to take care of all their needs.

We handle all BMW required services including:

All of our shop’s services are performed by certified mechanics with factory-grade materials and tools to ensure accuracy and dealership quality.

Enjoy Your BMW Longer

Conveniently located in Las Vegas, Paladin Automotive helps drivers from:

Your BMW will look and feels as good as new after each visit so call today to schedule an appointment with one of our mechanics or if you have any questions regarding services required for your BMW.

BMW Repair & Service

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