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An often-overlooked service item, routine oil changes are always anything but routine. Clean engine oil plays a huge role in the performance and function of your vehicle and can have numerous impacts on your car should you try to stretch the mileage intervals between each recommended oil change.

If your car is experiencing any of these performance based issues or problems then it’s likely a sign that you’re driving on old oil:

  • Engine louder than normal
  • You can smell and see engine exhaust clearly
  • Diminished vehicle performance/sputtering and rough idling
  • Poor/reduced fuel economy

Instead of pushing your car’s performance to its’ breaking point schedule your next oil change with Paladin Automotive.

Conveniently located in Las Vegas, NV the expert mechanics at Paladin Automotive make sure that your European car receives the high quality oil and filters needed to maintain peak performance.

We also offer repairs for instances where your car may be:

  • Burning excessive amounts of oil
  • Engine seized due to lack of oil

The Right Oil for Each Brand

European vehicles are known for their high-end materials and requiring specific types of oil in order to maintain engine health. Our shop uses all the same factory replacement materials found at a dealership to ensure high quality and accurate service for your car. Our brands serviced include:

Our certified mechanics are always taking care of your car each step of the way, guaranteeing a job done right the first time.

Find Us In Your Neighborhood

For years Paladin Automotive has serviced:

We understand the extra strain that extreme Nevada temperatures can cause throughout the seasons and always work to provide your car with the best service possible. If you’re noticing any signs of old engine oil or your car’s oil light is on then call Paladin Automotive today and schedule an appointment with one of our shop’s expert mechanics.

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