Tips to Identify Pressure Control Valve Issues in Your Rolls Royce

Tips to Identify Pressure Control Valve Issues in Your Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce is known as a legendary manufacturer of luxurious, expertly-engineered vehicles. With all of the technological advances that come with such a vehicle as a Rolls Royce, we sometimes find issues with newer technology.

One instance where a Rolls Royce can have a problem is with one of its many pressure control valves. In this article, we will discuss the components at risk and the problems that can arise from pressure control valves in a Rolls Royce.

Functions of Pressure Control Valves

Before we discuss what can go wrong with a pressure control valve, let’s take a moment to learn how a pressure control valve works and its usage.

A Rolls Royce is equipped with several pressure control valves, all of which provide a different service within the vehicle. Pressure control valves include:

  • Crankcase Ventilation Valve: This control feature allows exhaust that your vehicle produces to travel only in one direction, out of your car’s system.
  • Suspension Pressure Valves: To give a Rolls Royce its cloud-like cushion ride, the suspension pressure valve keeps the air suspension system As air enters the suspension system to provide shock absorption and stability, the control valve is what keeps the air from leaking out of the system.
  • Oil Pressure Valve: A Rolls Royce uses an oil pressure valve to keep oil at a constant pressure. Having a stable oil pressure is required to keep the vehicle running as it should.
  • Fuel Pressure Regulator: The fuel pressure regulator valve acts similar to the oil pressure valve as it keeps your fuel at a constant pressure to provide the right amount of fuel for your car to run.
  • Height Control Pressure Valve: The height control pressure valve is similar to the suspension pressure valve as it is designed to keep your car level and at the same height when driving.
  • Brake Pressure Limiting Valve: This device is used during emergency stops to keep the vehicle from skidding. It is similar to a modern ABS but has been available in the Rolls Royce brands for years.

Symptoms of a Malfunctioning Pressure Control Valve

With all of the different systems using pressure control valves, many symptoms can occur when they fail. Below are a few signs that a pressure control valve issue has arisen in a Rolls Royce.

If the vehicle cannot release exhaust gas out of the crankcase, the vehicle will tend to backfire and stall.

When pressure control valves for the suspension and height system malfunction there are several symptoms that may appear. When a valve fails in this area, the vehicle may lose levelness, causing your car to ride with one or more corners lower than the rest.

Another symptom is when your suspension is no longer giving your vehicle a cushioned ride. If you are feeling bumps that you did not previously feel, one of your pressure control valves in the suspension system could be having issues. Lastly, issues with these valves usually mean the vehicle is harder to control, especially when cornering.

If an oil pressure valve is malfunctioning, it could mean catastrophic failure to your engine. Oil pressure is what maintains a vehicle’s inner moving parts in good condition with lubrication and keeps the engine from overheating. If your vehicle begins to overheat, there may be an issue with the oil pressure control valve.

As with the oil pressure, fuel pressure needs to be maintained to keep your Rolls Royce running. If there is an issue with the fuel pressure control valve, the vehicle will begin to stall as it is not receiving the correct pressure to keep the car running.

Keeping A Rolls Royce Pressure Control Valves in Good Condition

As you have seen in this article, pressure Rolls Royce Pressure Control Valve Check control valves are important components within the Rolls Royce system. These important systems need the proper maintenance required to keep them in top condition.

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