The Leading Repair Shop in Las Vegas to Fix Electrical Issues in an Audi

The Leading Repair Shop in Las Vegas to Fix Electrical Issues in an Audi

Germany is renowned worldwide for making high-quality, reliable, and efficient cars that last a lifetime. Audi showcases some of the best designs and technologically-enhanced engineering features. Audi designs each car to provide an unparalleled driving experience backed by durability, a high standard of performance, efficiency, and luxury.

With the use of electronically-enhanced control modules, wires, and fuses for the different parts and systems, Audi has been able to provide remarkable efficiency and performance. Consequently, this increases the risk of having an electronic failure. It is important that we explore a few of the common electrical issues in Audi cars, as well as how to deal with them.

Common Electrical Issues in Audi Cars

Battery Problems

Irrespective of the model, whenever an electrical-related issue pops up, the battery is always the first place to check. The smooth operation of your Audi is dependent on the battery. It is responsible for providing the electrical energy to the electronic systems and starter motor of your car when the power is off. Although the battery is designed to live for about 4 years on average, it is prone to having premature failure if the proper maintenance is not adopted.

A common point of failure in car batteries is the terminals, because they are exposed under the hood and as such, they corrode easily. The corrosion effect is the obstruction of the flow of current and conduction, resulting in the inability of the car to start. Oftentimes, simple cleaning of the battery terminals can solve this problem.

Window Motor Faults

The opening and closing of the electric windows in cars are controlled by the window motor. In Audi cars, the regulator in the window motor is activated when a button is pressed, signaling it to either raise or lower the window. This would not happen if the motor or regulator was faulty. It might result in unresponsive windows or windows that are left half-closed.

Window stickers and window tinting are two of the most prevalent variables capable of causing window motor malfunction since they increase the thickness of the glass. As a result, the motor has to work more to compensate for the increased resistance, causing it to wear out quicker. It may be preferable to limit your customization to other sections of your vehicle or to check that all aesthetic operations you have performed on your Audi are compatible with the precise make and model of your vehicle.

Water Damage

Audi cars have a Multi-Media Interface (MMI), which is responsible for controlling the car’s navigation, entertainment system, electronics, and several others. The MMI is key to having an enjoyable and luxurious ride every time you drive your Audi. The major setback is that this unit is located underneath the cupholders. This places the MMI at the risk of experiencing electrical failure caused by leaks of drinks and water. To avoid this, take extra precautions to avoid spilling drinks on your Audi, and also double-check the lids to ensure they are tightly affixed.

Display Screens

Another point of electrical system breakdown that your Audi might experience is the LCD screen. Usually, the entire screen does not fail at once. You will first observe that some parts of the screen that burned out are not displayed, making it difficult to read whatever is displayed on the screen. It’s unfortunate that the unit is not repairable. Areas that are unable to display can not be replaced. To get the screen to function properly again, the entire LCD unit must be replaced.

Seek the Help of a Professional Audi Mechanic

If you notice any of these issues in your Audi, Audi Battery Maintenance don’t be complacent about it. Make sure you bring your model to our reputable car specialists. In Las Vegas, Nevada, Paladin Automobile is your go-to Audi specialists. We have been offering Audi drivers in Las Vegas and adjacent locations such as Spring Valley and Summerlin with an inexpensive and dependable service for years.

Whatever your Audi’s electrical issue, our certified team of professionals is highly experienced and well equipped to diagnose and fix any problem faster than the competition. Call or visit us now to arrange service for your vehicle or to talk with one of our technicians about maintenance packages for your vehicle.

* Audi Car image credit goes to: Vesela Boycheva.

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