Symptoms of a Wiring Harness Failure in Your Volkswagen

Symptoms of a Wiring Harness Failure in Your Volkswagen

Volkswagen is a reputable manufacturer for high quality, affordable, and reliable automobiles. They can still experience a wiring harness failure. Like the circulatory and central nervous systems of the human body, power and information travel through a compilation of electrical wires, connectors, and terminals throughout the entire vehicle. This ensures the functionality of most parts of the car.

The wiring harness plays a critical role in connecting several components of your VW. Depending on where and how far the damage has spread, several or all of the following symptoms will manifest. It is important that you don’t drive your car when it is experiencing these symptoms. The headlights might not be working well in darkness or you may experience a complete stall of the engine in a dangerous place, such as accelerating when merging into busy traffic. Let’s look at the symptoms of a wiring harness failure in your VW.

The Headlights and Tail Lights are Not Working

Both the front and rear lights are constantly supplied by power through the harness to ensure their optimal performance. A failed wiring harness will supply little or completely no power to your car’s lights. This means you will encounter partial or total blackout during your driving. This can be very dangerous, especially during times with limited visibility like in fog or at night. You can also easily cause accidents while turning because of dim or defunct indicator lights.

Ignition Failure

If your wiring harness is worn out or malfunctioning, it may cause your ignition to fail. The engine motor requires a lot of power to start up the engine, and limited or no power will render this action impossible. This can occur on one occasion or can develop into a problem over time.

A stiff wiring harness can easily break and cause your wiring to fail, while a flexible one is more durable. This breaking is caused mainly due to old age or extreme weather that damages the rubber of the wiring harness.

Dead Battery or Startup Issues

A dead battery and startup issues are symptoms of wiring harness failure. The battery cable acts as a bridge between the car’s battery and the entire electrical system. When this is unstable or it is not functioning as designed, the car will experience serious problems. Your engine will shut off at a lower speed or refuse to start entirely.

Your VW may refuse to start because the required voltage to start the ignition switch is not being supplied. Wiring harness failure will also lead your car battery to lose charge quickly. Revving up suddenly, idling down suddenly, stuttering, and lurching while driving are also indications of a damaged wiring harness.

Some Electrical Features May Stop Working

Your car might start to experience multiple miscellaneous electrical problems due to a faulty wiring harness. Chances could be that only one wire has failed, or it may be multiple wires are involved. The radio or any other accessory could fail. Bring your VW to us for a diagnosis as soon as you notice any change to avoid damage and ensure your safety.

Check Engine Light Illuminates

Illumination of your check engine light on your dashboard could be caused by multiple reasons. A malfunction in the wiring of your car equally triggers this sensor. When this happens, it is important that you get your car diagnosed as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

The wiring harness in your VW prevents electrical damage to your vehicle and you. As compared to wires running separately, a harness ensures the wiring lasts much longer. This critical component needs to be checked properly by qualified personnel to ensure the safety of both your VW and you.

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