How To Know When Your Ferrari Brakes Need To Be Replaced

How To Know When Your Ferrari Brakes Need To Be Replaced

When it comes to maintaining your Ferrari, one of the key components to pay attention to is the braking system. After all, the brakes are perhaps the most essential safety component in your car. When your brakes are unreliable, you may not be able to stop quickly when the unexpected happens on the road.  Knowing when to replace your brakes keeps you and your passengers safe.

Signs That Your Ferrari Needs A New Brake

  • Decreased Braking Performance: When your brakes aren’t working properly, it can take longer for your car to come to a complete stop, which can be dangerous when driving. This can be caused by worn brake pads, which cause the friction that brings your car to a stop, or brake fluid, which uses hydraulics to provide the force to create that friction. Both brake pads and fluid need to be changed regularly for optimal performance.
  • Unusual Noises: If you hear strange noises, like squealing or squeaking, when you press your brakes, that’s a bad sign that you should absolutely not ignore. Those sounds are usually caused by brake pads that have worn down enough that the metal in the pads is scraping against the rotor. Ignoring these noises can not only be dangerous, as your brakes may not be as responsive as you need in an emergency, but it can also cause damage to the rotors, costing you more in repairs in the long run.
  • Vibrations: If you notice vibrations or pulsing in the brake pedal or steering wheel while braking, it could indicate warped brake rotors. Rotors can warp due to the extreme heat generated during braking, especially in high-performance situations. Warped rotors lead to uneven contact between the brake pad and the rotor, resulting in vibrations that you can feel.
  • Warning Lights: Thankfully, in modern vehicles we don’t have to rely solely on our instincts about our car. Almost every system in your car boasts advanced sensors, and that includes your brake system. If your dashboard displays a warning light or message about your brakes, don’t ignore it — get your car to a reliable mechanic for some diagnostics.
  • Visual Inspection: Regularly inspecting the brake pads and rotors can provide visual cues about their condition. Worn brake pads will appear thin, often less than a quarter inch, and need replacing. The rotors should be checked for any scoring or deep grooves, which are signs of wear or damage typically caused by prolonged contact with worn brake pads.
  • Brake Dust Accumulation: Brake pads produce dust as they wear down. An excessive accumulation of this dust on your Ferrari’s wheels can indicate that the brake pads are wearing out more quickly than normal. While some dust is expected, a noticeable increase in its accumulation warrants an inspection.

Tips for Preventing And Addressing Ferrari Brake Problems

  • Use High-Quality Replacement Parts: When replacing any part of the brake system, it’s crucial to use parts that meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards. Using cheap parts can lead to needing to replace them again sooner, and can also cause performance problems. Whether you’re replacing brake pads, rotors, calipers, or even the brake fluid, use the high quality parts your mechanic recommends for the best results.
  • Driving Habits: Aggressive driving habits like hard braking can lead to your brakes wearing out faster. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the performance capabilities of your Ferrari, but being careful of how you use the brakes can lead to longer intervals between maintenance.
  • Regular Inspections: It’s essential to have your Ferrari brakes inspected regularly by a technician who is experienced with high-performance and exotic vehicles like Ferraris. If you do things like take your Ferrari to track days, your inspections should probably happen a little more often.

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