Common Reasons Why Your Volkswagen Transmission Overheats

Common Reasons Why Your Volkswagen Transmission Overheats

Volkswagen is a classic European vehicle manufacturer that is well-known for producing long-lasting and affordable vehicles. As a Volkswagen owner, you already know that several factors can make the engine of your Volkswagen overheat. But aside from engine overheating, do you realize it may also happen to the transmission system?

An overheating transmission is a big problem for your VW because it affects your ability to change gears or drive at all. If this problem occurs, you should bring your Volkswagen to us so we can inspect it and fix it as quickly as possible. Driving your VW with an overheated transmission is quite dangerous, and it may even cause more damage, which is an expense you don’t need. So do not ignore this car problem when you notice it. Let’s take al look at why this happens and some signs that it’s the culprit of your VW’s problems.

Temperature Warnings in the Transmission

In every modern vehicle, including Volkswagen, you will find a transmission system temperature sensor. These sensors help to monitor the temperature of the fluid in your transmission system. It alerts you when the transmission fluid temperature becomes extremely hot. If you see this warning light, you should proceed with caution. Pull over safely and let your car cool fully.

Pay close attention to any unexpected sounds or any other factor that might have triggered the problem while you were driving. You can resume driving (carefully) when your Volkswagen has cooled down. Bring your VW to our shop for a quick diagnosis. You may even need a tow if your transmission fluid has leaked out.

Reasons Why Your Transmission Overheats

Overheating transmissions are frequently indicative of internal damage to the transmission system or a problem with the transmission fluid. Let’s briefly look at some causes.

  • Low fluid level: Like the coolant and every other fluid in your Volkswagen, the transmission fluid must be kept at the right level while driving. When the level of your fluid is low, it will result in overheating of the transmission because there will not be enough fluid to cool the system while running.
  • Transmission leak: A leaking transmission can also lead to overheating of the transmission system. The first sign of a leaking transmission fluid is a consistently low level of fluid. If your fluid keeps getting low after you top it, then you have to let your mechanic check the cause of the leak; otherwise, your VW’s transmission will overheat.
  • Dirty or Old Fluid: Like the engine oil and other car fluids, the transmission fluid can also get dirty, as a result of overuse. When your transmission is dirty, you should remove and replace it with a fresh transmission fluid.
  • Engine Overheating: When the engine of your Volkswagen becomes overheated, it puts more strain on the transmission system.
  • Internal Transmission Damage: Another thing that can make your Volkswagen overheat is a fault in the transmission system. If any component in your transmission gets damaged, it will affect the overall performance, thereby resulting in overheating.
  • External Factors: There are also other factors outside the transmission system that can affect performance and cause overheating. Some of the factors include extreme uphill grades, high humidity, stop-and-go traffic, and others.

It is best not to drive your car any farther when you notice that the transmission is overheated due to any of the listed factors. Call us if this dashboard light is on in your VW and we’ll get you help right away.

Paladin Automotive: Bring Your Volkswagen to Us

Bring your car to our transmission professionals at Paladin Automotive for a complete check at the first indication of overheating in the transmission. Volkswagen Transmission Fluid Flush At Paladin Automotive, we are the leading auto repair shop serving car owners in Spring Valley, Summerlin, and Las Vegas, NV.

We have ASE-certified technicians who take care of any issue you might be experiencing with your Volkswagen, including issues with an overheated transmission. To pinpoint the source of the problem, our technicians will run diagnostics, do a road test, and check every part of the transmission system. Then, we’ll provide you with a full inspection report as well as realistic price estimates for needed repairs.

You can contact us now for your next service appointment or stop by our shop for any questions about your Volkswagen. We look forward to helping you get your transmission back to peak performance!

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