Causes and Symptoms

of Brake Problems in the Land Rover

Through proper maintenance, you can enhance the longevity of the brakes.

Brake problems in a car can be a serious concern that needs immediate inspection.

Some of the brake problems cause serious injuries or death in a vehicle.

Take it to a mechanic when you encounter any of the brake problems.

Signs of Brake Problems

Squealing or squeaking noise

Vibration when braking

Activated braking light

Spongy or soft brakes

Car pulling to one side

Burning smells

Causes Behind Brake Problems

Worst driving habits

Overheating brake pads

Damaged rotor disks

Leaking hydraulic fluid


Driving through mud or water







Why Did You Choose Us?

The more you drive, the quicker your brake parts will wear out.

Delaying needed services of the brake could put you at risk.

Specializing in luxury vehicles our mechanics offer full services for popular brands.